Our winning team of professionals is working with relentless efforts to assure the client’s success. Focusing only on guaranteed results, we serve every client with unique outcomes and offer “Results Guarantee” to uphold their trust and confidence upon us. It means we will work for free until we get the desired results, we have promised with our valued customer.


Simply put, if you are an SEO client and we promise you 1st page rankings on search engines within 8 months, we will ensure we do just that. If, however, we fail to deliver the 1st page ranking within the 8 months promised, from the 9th month on wards, we will keep providing you with our SEO services until we fulfill our promise. Depending on the service we are providing you, we will project results based on analyzed data and our own prior experience.

Because we are confident in our services, our team and we have years of proven history that empowers us to offer such a guarantee. Also, we offer The KS Guarantee because we believe a “Results Guaranteed” policy is much smarter and more effective for both us and our clients than a “Money-Back Guarantee” since it always forces us to think outside-the-box to deliver each client’s unique results.