One of the earliest online marketing tools that is still heavily employed today is email marketing. For businesses, it is utilized to establish, develop, and cultivate relationships with potential and existing customers. On its own, email marketing can be a powerful tool to reach out to new customers and engage existing ones.

The end goal for email marketing campaigns should be to build and strengthen relationships with the various stakeholders of a business. Once a business successfully executes email marketing, it allows you to tailor unique customer experiences and journeys, showing customers they matter. Knights System has years of experience in providing email marketing services to businesses in Orlando and the rest of Florida. Our email marketing teams are proven partners in improving our clients’ return on investment.



Advantages of email marketing are plenty, starting from the price at which it is sold to the ease of use by which it is executed. Email marketing campaigns can be performed at a significantly lesser cost than conventional digital advertising methods. Moreover, minimal resources are required to successfully run an email campaign. You can partner up with a digital agency who’ll execute these campaigns on your behalf or you can set them up initially yourself and automate the emails. In either scenario, you will gain the ability to raise awareness about your company and products in the most cost-effective manner.

Often, companies send emails to their prospective consumers in bulk with too high a frequency. The end result? Receiving parties begin categorizing those emails as spam and they start ending up in their junk email, as opposed to their inboxes. Over time, the open rate of your emails decreases steadily, in turn decreasing user reactions to your call-to-action within the email.

Hence, schedule carefully crafted emails and segment them in multiple groups catering to each sub-group of your target audience. Each sub-group should have its own message that addresses their position in your buying cycle, prompting them to take appropriate action. A well-crafted email campaign does not spam users’ folders with high frequency. Rather, it’s a campaign that allows natural engagement with users by presenting them with information and promotions specifically tailored to their interests and behaviors. You should also prioritize mobile-first designs, ensuring that mobile users have tailored experiences through their devices.

Finally, you do not want to fall under the illusion of falsely thinking you know best when it comes to your customers. Prioritize what your customers want to see and hear from you. Hence, it is always wise to have multiple options of emails and test them out to see which templates are the most effective.

For any business, especially those that are small and growing, consumer awareness about the company and its offerings are crucial. Research has shown that emails are the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders. And 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. Knights System has excelled in email marketing campaigns and directly contributed to our clients’ revenue for the last several years. Start off your campaign today and see the Knights System difference.


Email marketing campaigns have very specific and tangible objectives that are often difficult to achieve. Depending on what your specific requirements are, we can craft a beautiful and well-planned email marketing campaign that will get you guaranteed results.

Delve deeper into the specific components of our email marketing campaigns and choose the element or a combination of components most suitable for your entity.